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The Benefits of Wheat Grass Juice

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If you wake up looking and feeling as tired as you did when you went to bed, it's because your body isn't getting what it needs or you're giving it what it doesn't need, causing a blockage in your energy flow.

Wheatgrass can help you gain high energy in two ways. First, by replenishing your nutritional deficiencies; second, by removing the waste products that clog your cells, blood, tissues and organs.

Each of us is the janitor of more than 10 trillion little batteries called cells. Like flashlight batteries, our cells contain a charge of electricity. To keep this charge strong and steady, we need a regular supply of the right nutrients, especially high-quality minerals, vitamins, enzymes and amino acids like those found in wheatgrass juice.

By adding wheatgrass and raw foods to your diet, you will allow your cells to emit a maximum electrical charge and you will get plenty of energy. At the same time, wheatgrass will help you to free yourself from excess fat, mineral deposits and protein trapped in your digestive and elimination organs and in your bloodstream, saving the energy your body would need to expend to cleanse itself.

Where do you get wheatgrass juice?

  • There are different ways to get wheat grass juice. You can
  • You can buy it frozen and ready to use
  • You can buy it fresh and ready to use
  • You can buy fresh grass and prepare the juice with your juicer
  • You can grow your own wheat grass and extract the juice with a good juicer

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