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Juice or smoothies ? What to choose?

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Should we focus on fresh juices or smoothies? Should we only emphasize one or the other? Juices and smoothies have two different roles, but equally important in our diet.

Both allow us to consume a large amount of fruits and vegetables easily. Smoothie are made by finely whole fruits and vegetables to obtain a smooth consistency. They retains all the fiber and can help you feel fuller for longer!

Conversely, juicing extracts the liquid content in food and separates it from the fibers. Rid of them, your digestive system does not have to work as hard to break down food and absorb nutrients. The absorption is faster and passing directly into the blood.

In both cases, try to drink your juice or smoothie immediately after you made it because after a quarter of an hour, the air and light destroy many of the nutrients. If you need to prepare in advance, be sure to transfer to an airtight and opaque container to preserve the nutritional qualities.

Choosing the right appliance

Whatever your preference, it is important to use the right equipment to get the most out of your juices and smoothies. Investing in a quality slow speed juicer will allow you to keep all the benefits of your juice. Indeed, some juicers will heat and sometimes oxygenate the preparation, destroying the enzymes and other nutrients found in fruits and vegetables. It is the same for blenders (like the Vitamix blender), avoid heating the fruits or vegetables.

It is therefore important not to consider one as better or more beneficial than the other, but rather to consume according to your needs.
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