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  • The History of Green Barley Juice
    The History of Green Barley Juice
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    Green barley juice is a health supplement made from the juice extracted from young, green barley grass. It has gained popularity as a nutritional supplement due to its numerous potential health benefits. The history of green barley juice is closely tied to the cultivation and consumption of barley as a cereal grain and its recognition as a nutritional powerhouse.

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  • Nutritional value of food down?
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    Since 1963, broccoli has lost 50% of its vitamin A, red pepper 30% of its vitamin C, cauliflower 50% of its vitamin C, B1 and B2. Funny thing is that carrots contain more vitamin A; how to explain this, we don't know yet.

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  • Proteins and their importance
    Proteins and their importance
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    Did you know that we should eat 3 to 4 concentrated proteins a day?

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  • Green drinks, fast food of the future
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    You don't have to drink grass juice to get chlorophyll, it's present in all dark green plants. But as Dr. Mary Ruth Swope, a nutritionist, so aptly puts it, "How many servings of cabbage leaves, turnip or mustard tops, spinach or even beet greens did you eat this week? "

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