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All about the preparation of fresh healthy juices with a low speed juicer

  • The History of Green Barley Juice
    The History of Green Barley Juice
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    Green barley juice is a health supplement made from the juice extracted from young, green barley grass. It has gained popularity as a nutritional supplement due to its numerous potential health benefits. The history of green barley juice is closely tied to the cultivation and consumption of barley as a cereal grain and its recognition as a nutritional powerhouse.

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  • Green drinks, fast food of the future
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    You don't have to drink grass juice to get chlorophyll, it's present in all dark green plants. But as Dr. Mary Ruth Swope, a nutritionist, so aptly puts it, "How many servings of cabbage leaves, turnip or mustard tops, spinach or even beet greens did you eat this week? "

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  • How to clean the slow speed Angel juicer
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    Maintaining your Angel juicer at maximum cleanliness is important for your health and to ensure the appliance’s optimal performance. We recommend that you clean the Angel juicer immediately after usage, since cleaning the appliance as soon as possible is the most simple way to remove food residue.

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  • Survey on the use of juicers
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    Survey conducted in October 2019 with 735 respondents. No scientific claims!

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