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Why eat sprouts

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By Renée Frappier

To maintain a strong immune system, to lose weight, to fight inflammatory diseases, to acquire an unparalleled vitality, we need to think about choosing more and more raw vegetables, nuts and seeds as well as many sprouted grains and legumes.

Modern, denatured, fast food has become the norm, atrophying our ability to appreciate the natural taste of unprocessed foods.

Read the following carefully. Saturated and overheated trans fats, sugar, salt, refined flours and oils are blamed by all health professionals for the escalation of degenerative diseases including obesity. The place of choice that you will give to a more and more alive and natural diet will be part of the solution.

Healthy choices

Are you eating your 5 to 10 servings of vegetables and fruit a day? Are you incorporating omega-3 sources every day? Are your grains whole or refined? Do you eat them at every meal? Do you eat legumes daily?

Eating a lot of raw vegetables is a big step towards better health. Furthermore, a living food diet relies on organic, fresh and locally sourced foods, sprouts and sprouts, lacto-fermented foods and green juices such as the famous wheatgrass juice. It is possible to cook entirely raw sauces, pates and spreads made from nuts, seeds and vegetables and to integrate them gently into our menu.

Why eat raw?

The great thing about raw food is that it retains all of its enzymes, valuable substances that activate our digestion and which are largely missing from the North American diet.

Raw foods retain all their enzymes, valuable substances that activate our digestion and that are largely missing in the North American diet.

Raw foods are also excellent sources of dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and many protective and regenerative antioxidants.

Nuts and seeds are truly ready-to-eat. They are a very important source of essential fatty acids, including the famous omega-3s found in flaxseeds, hemp seeds, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds and walnuts.

Is it that hard to add a few nuts or almonds to a salad or to spread raw almond butter on sourdough bread?

We know that our health depends on many factors. Diet is a major pillar. As of today, your plate could contain 50% raw food and with the introduction of new recipes, you will be able to add more raw or low temperature cooked main dishes.

For more than thirty years now, I have been interested in living foods, that is to say foods based on the ultimate and unique freshness of sprouted grains, raw vegetables, soaked nuts and the famous wheatgrass juice, I can assure you of the beneficial effects felt.

Here and now, it's possible!

Sprouted grains are the only category of "immature", living foods that we eat. They are still "growing". You won't find anything fresher and, as a bonus, many of the protective and anti-carcinogenic substances are unique to a young seedling.

The advantages of germination

  • Sprouted seeds contain more enzymes and vitality.
  • They are thus easier to digest because they were soaked beforehand thus rehydrated, become again as fresh. Also the germination starts the digestion of the starch which is transformed into simpler sugars.
  • The quality of proteins improves even if the quantity decreases. Their bioavailability is increased which becomes very interesting.
  • They are said to be more nutritious because their vitamin content increases and certain protective substances are developed.
  • The minerals become easier to assimilate.
  • Germination is an economic, ecological, pleasant process, generous in nutrients and output and so simple! I wish you to start immediately after the reading of this article.

What to sprout?

Any LIVING grain will sprout. Try whole grains, legumes including clover and alfalfa, nuts and seeds. Guaranteed fun for the whole family!

About the author

Renée Frappier is a natural food teacher, author and organizer of Expo Manger Santé et Vivre Vert in Quebec.

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