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The miracle of the molecular structure of water

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The energies of water healing

Everything in the universe is interrelated. Each individual is connected in some way to a larger universe. This perspective is appropriate for the study of water, the ultimate holistic substance. All life processes are dependent on energy. Every object and substance, whether natural or manufactured, transmits specific vibrations in a particular mode. All living things are made up of energy vibrating at specific frequencies.

The simple example of boiling water in a container represents the process by which matter and its changing states are characterized by their energies. Boiling liquid water will then turn into steam and may eventually condense into droplets, or turn into ice. Water is constantly changing into a different state, creating a transformation of energy on which all life depends.

Our bodies are made up of a set of organs and cells vibrating at different frequencies. Water is the path of resonance, the channel through which all living things communicate with each other. Water stores and transfers information on frequencies that transmit vibrational energies. When a molecule of any substance meets water, its communication potential increases by a thousand times!

It is well known that 70% of our body is composed of water. Although water is not essentially and by itself a medicinal product, we know that water has considerable power in the body. When water is healthy, it can accurately accumulate and transmit the right vibrational information.

Because water is so familiar, its particular physical properties and behavior are often overlooked. Oxygen should be a gas at room temperature, which it obviously is not, because bonds of hydrogen and oxygen create water particles that come together in a moving matter woven of nodes, atoms and spaces bound by electrical forces.

Conceptually, the molecules in a full cup of water could be linked together to form a giant molecule. The result of these hydrogen bonds is water that has many special properties.

For example, water has a maximum density at 40 C. Compared to other hydrides, water has a much higher melting point and boiling point, latent heat of fusion and vaporization than expected. The viscosity of water decreases singularly with increasing pressure above the value of 1 atmosphere, (normal atmospheric pressure). While most substances contract when they solidify, solidified water increases in volume and becomes lighter than an equal volume of liquid water, and floats.

All over the world our water sources are becoming more contaminated and depleted. As a result, more chemicals are being added to the water to ensure that the quality of the water is satisfactory for drinking. These transformations of our drinking water reduce the amount of oxygen in the water, making it more difficult to digest and limiting its beneficial value to our human body.


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Water par Dave Johnson : le 21 Nov.2002

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