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The benefits of a living food cure

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Why do you need a cure? 

It would never occur to anyone to fill their car's tank with bad gasoline. If you want your car to run well and for a long time, you take care of it, from the fuel you put in it to the windshield washer fluid. If we neglect the quality of what we put into it, we know it won't perform well. Common sense.

Why not have the same concern when it comes to what our body, that "human machine", ingests? Keeping the car analogy in mind, it seems quite logical that poor quality food can also clog up our system. It is not surprising then to be less efficient, less in shape, and to have to deal with various ailments that we can no longer defend ourselves from.

Detoxify naturally

A living food cure has powerful depurative effects, in particular thanks to the use of foods with a high enzymatic activity, a lot of chlorophyll - which helps the oxygenation of the blood - as well as minerals and trace elements. This will calm excess acidity and rebalance the body's pH with more alkaline foods.

The direct effects

Increased energy levels and vitality are the most obvious benefits. Undigested or poorly digested food, stress and lack of exercise contribute to a build-up of toxins in the body which weakens the immune system and makes one susceptible to illness and disease. After a cure, the complexion clears up, concentration is better and... we want more than ever to preserve this deeply energized state. The table is set for integrating new life habits!

High performance foods

Spa Eastman's spa program is an invitation to experience the gastronomic pleasures of living foods and the benefits of natural detoxification. We learn how to integrate more raw foods into our daily menu.

As for the entire Tonic Cuisine offered at Spa Eastman, no gluten and casein (dairy products). All menus respect the requirements of the hypotoxic diet proposed by Dr. Seignalet[i]. The dietary changes suggested by the hypotoxic diet, combined with the integration of a maximum of raw vegetables, green smoothies, Vitality cream, sprouts, soaked nuts and other living foods in the Spa Eastman way, optimize the power of food and promote overall health.

Chef Kévin Bélisle, named Healthy Chef 2013 by the Société des chefs cuisiniers et chefs pâtissiers du Québec, and his sidekick Jean-Marc Enderlin, a nutritherapist, have taken this unique cuisine even further by creating gourmet menus that now rival the finest tables in terms of taste.

Live the experience as a group

Spa Eastman's Living Food Cures bring together groups of curists who live the experience at the same time. This formula has allowed the Spa's team of professionals to concoct a complete program, supporting the transformations desired by the participants, in an atmosphere of support, discovery and friendly sharing.

Long-lasting benefits

In addition to the living food menu, the week-long program includes a full schedule of workshops, conferences, and physical and relaxation activities that help participants get in touch with habits that can optimize their health and wellness in a fun, easy and sustainable way.

Because, remember... we wouldn't want to forget the basics and put the kool-aid back in the tank of our Ferrari would we?

By Lucie Octeau, Spa Eastman

[i] Les Éditions du Rocher. Dr Jean Seignalet, L’alimentation ou la troisième médecine, 5e édition, 2012

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