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The Benefits of Green Smoothies

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Green smoothies are a tasty blend of fruits and green vegetables. These leafy vegetables provide, among other things, vitamins, minerals and fiber in large quantities. Fruits are added to soften the nature and bitterness of certain vegetables. To achieve this, you need a good blender (Omega or Vitamix type), some ripe fruits, leafy green vegetables, and some water juice or nut milk.

These mixtures of fruits and green vegetables are fully packed with health benefits.

Abundant in micronutrients

Green vegetables provide minerals, fibers, vitamins, antioxidants and amino acids contributing to the production of proteins. It is therefore important to vary the sources of green vegetables to consume all these essential elements in our body.

An effective source of alkaline

Our diet and lifestyle (stress, inactivity…) load our body with acids. Plants, especially green leaves, are alkalizing. Consumption of green smoothies (which are alkalizing vegetables) helps restore the acid-alkaline balance in the body.

A chloropyll concentrate

The chloropyll in plants will neutralize the toxins from our body and will help us to purify our liver. Consumption of chlorophyll provides the oxygen needed for the proper functioning of our bodies.
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