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  • The miracle of the molecular structure of water
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    Everything in the universe is interrelated. Each individual is connected in some way to a larger universe. This perspective is appropriate for the study of water, the ultimate holistic substance. All life processes are dependent on energy. Every object and substance, whether natural or manufactured, transmits specific vibrations in a particular mode. All living things are made of energy vibrating at specific frequencies.

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  • Fighting Food Waste: Saving the World with Sustainable Culture
    Fighting Food Waste: Saving the World with Sustainable Culture
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    The famous phrase "Waste not, want not" is an idiom that dates back to the 1500s. It basically means that the less we waste, the less we will need in the future. While this saying is centuries old, it is more relevant than ever. 

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  • The secret of centenarians
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    How can the vital energy be powerful enough in some beings to inhabit their bodies with health for ten years, twenty years, thirty years longer than their fellows? Energy is a mysterious phenomenon. It is however observable, relatively measurable, renewable in various ways and it seems to me that most of us have little control over this process which I believe is a gold mine for enhancing the quality of our lives.

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  • The emotional shock, how to cope
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    Emotional shock is similar to a cataclysm that shakes the entire body. The damage caused varies from one person to another and several factors must be considered, the type of stress, its intensity, its duration, the health of the person undergoing it, etc.

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