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  • Dehydration
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    A dehydrator is a device which adds an interesting variety to raw menus. A good dehydrator will allow you to not only dehydrate fruits and vegetables but also to create all kinds home made raw treats.

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  • The Healty Cell Concept
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    Il n'est pas difficile de garder nos cellules en santé- il s'agit simplement d'intégrer à notre vie les cinq principes du Concept de la cellule saine.

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  • Juice or smoothies ? What to choose?
    Juice or smoothies ? What to choose?
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    Should we focus on fresh juices or smoothies? Should we only emphasize one or the other? Juices and smoothies have two different roles, but equally important in our diet.

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  • The Benefits of Dehydration
    The Benefits of Dehydration
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    Dehydration is a simple method of substantially removing all water from a food while keeping the water-soluble vitamins, enzymes and other nutrients.

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