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  • How to strengthen your immune system
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    Dr. Laurence Dejardin MD shares some tips for strengthening our immune system in a simple and natural way.

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  • The Benefits of Green Smoothies
    The Benefits of Green Smoothies
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    Green smoothies are a tasty blend of fruits and green vegetables.

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  • Juice or smoothies ? What to choose?
    Juice or smoothies ? What to choose?
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    Should we focus on fresh juices or smoothies? Should we only emphasize one or the other? Juices and smoothies have two different roles, but equally important in our diet.

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  • Why eat sprouts
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    To maintain an efficient immune system, to lose weight, to fight inflammatory diseases, to acquire an unparalleled vitality, we must think of choosing more and more raw vegetables, nuts and seeds as well as many sprouted grains and legumes.

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