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5 Reasons To Buy A Thermomix

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The Thermomix TM6 is a revolutionary kitchen appliance that combines the functions of an electric mixer, food processor, and slow cooker and much more in one machine. It’s easy to use and makes cooking fun again.

It's Easy to Use.

You'll never need to buy another recipe book again because with Thermomix, you can make delicious meals using only ingredients you find at your local supermarket. And now with Cookidoo, the official Thermomix recipe platform, you have access to tens of thousands of recipes directly on your Thermomix screen. Thousands of Recipes. Endless Inspiration

It's Fast.

If you're looking for an easy way to cook healthy food without spending too much money, then you should consider buying a Thermomix. This kitchen appliance will help you save time and energy while making tasty dishes.

It's Versatile.

Thermomix is versatile because it can do so many things at once. You can use it as a blender, mixer, grinder, steamer, warmer, and more.

It's Affordable.

Your Thermomix will not only save you time and money but you can also buy it with your time or money, thanks to our TM4U program.

It's Fun.

You can use it as an ice sorbet maker, blender, food processor, slow cooker, warmer, steamer, grinder, juicer, bread machine, cake mixer, yogurt maker, rice cooker, and more.

Buy a Thermomix in Canada

The Thermomix kitchen assistant is sold in Canada through a team of Consultants. It cannot be sold in stores because the company prefers for their customers to have a personal and direct contact with an expert. If you would like to know more or see the Thermomix in action you should book a demo now.

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