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How to clean the slow speed Angel juicer

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Maintaining your Angel juicer at maximum cleanliness is important for your health and to ensure the appliance’s optimal performance. We recommend that you clean the Angel juicer immediately after usage, since cleaning the appliance as soon as possible is the most simple way to remove food residue.


After a certain amount of time using your low-speed Angel juicer, you may notice a kind of mineral deposit on the twin gears’ surfaces.

These mineral deposits can be eliminated from the twin gears’ extremities by passing some soaked almonds through the machine. Another great way to eliminate mineral scales is to soak the affected parts overnight in a bath of pure vinegar.

This softens the limestone and a large portion of it can be removed this way.

This process can be repeated if necessary. The vinegar used for descaling may be stored for reuse. Please correctly label the jar you use to store the vinegar so it is not accidentally used in food preparation.

To avoid mineral deposits, carefully clean the twin gears with warm water immediately after your juice is made. If cleaning is delayed, mineral deposits begin to accumulate (this resembles a very fine film on the twin gears’ surfaces).

Sticky Residue

Dried fruit and nuts can prove to be very sticky on the juicer’s inside surface. To more easily eliminate residue, pass a few celery sticks through the machine before disassembling it.

Motor Base Unit

Wipe outer surfaces with a damp cloth and dry with a clean cloth. To maintain the best polish, first clean the parts with a soft sponge and dry them with a soft dishcloth. After cleaning your Angel juicer, allow it to dry completely.

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