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Discover the new benchmark of holistic, low-pulsed electromagnetic technology for your personal wellbeing!

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iMRS Prime Trial by Swiss Bonic Solutions

iMRS prime Trial: The one and only 6D-CEMP Wellness System!
The electromagnetic force is the fundamental powerhouse of our planet and ecosystem - an inevitable source of energy and vitality for our sense of health! Learn how to use the electromagnetic spectrum to maintain and restore your overall well-being using the world's most advanced and comprehensive PEMF technology - iMRS prime.

Swiss Engineering and German Technology

  • iMRS prime Control Unit
  • iMRS prime Connector Box
  • Exagon Applicator FIR
  • Exagon Applicator Pad
  • Exagon Applicator Spot
  • 20-PIN prime Connector Cable
  • Power Adapter
  • Software Tool: Program Mode
  • Software Tool: iGUIDE
  • Software Tool: Split Mode
  • Software Tool: Hybrid Mode
  • Software Tool: Trial

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The video below shows the IMRS Prime system with all available options. It is important to note that for the IMRS Prime TRIAL model described on this page, the following options are not included:

  • Exagon Brain (goggles)

  • Exagon Sense (sensor for pulse oxymetry and HRV)

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