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The delights of living food

Do you want to eat healthy? The delights of living food will help you increase your intake of fruits and vegetables in a simple and delicious way.

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This living food recipe book is not just for raw food eaters who have made the raw diet their exclusive way of eating. The recipes in it will also appeal to gourmets, lovers of fresh and organic produce, and anyone concerned about their health.

AUTHOR : Jalissa Letendre
GENRE : santé naturelle – alimentation – cuisine – végétarisme
FORMAT : 21.5 x 14 cm (8 1/2 x 5 1/2 pouces)
NUMBER OF PAGES : 109 pages
PUBLISHED IN : novembre 2003
ISBN : 978-2-9807969-0-6

Table of contents

1. Breakfast
2. Drinks and smoothies
3. Soups
4. Appetizers
5. Salads
6. Dressings and vinaigrettes
7. Main courses
8. Dips and sauces
9. Desserts
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About the author



Originally from the tropical island of Puerto Rico, Jalissa Letendre grew up in an environment rich in a variety of all kinds of tasty exotic fruits.

Her interest in cooking dates back to her childhood, when she dreamed of the day when she would have her own kitchen to prepare all kinds of delicious meals.

Meeting the Boutenko family was a source of inspiration for Jalissa, who set about exploring ways of preparing food without cooking - living food.

Feedback and encouragement from those who had the opportunity to try Jalissa's cooking prompted her to produce this first cookbook.

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