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A food dehydrator is a kitchen appliance that removes moisture from food to aid in its preservation. A food dehydrator uses a heat source and air flow to reduce the water content of foods. Jalinis Living Food offers you only the best brands of dehydrators on the market, including the world reknowned Excalibur, leader since 1973.


Jaliinis Living Food carries the best brands of slow speed juice extractors (juicers) on the market like Angel, Tribest Green Star, Kuvings and Omega.


There is no limit to what you will be able to do in your kitchen with our amazing blenders!


TowerGarden your organic indoor garden in winter and outdoor in summer. Requires very little maintenance and allows to grow 150 different vegetables and herbs. Allows you to eat organic, local, living and super fresh. In addition, you will help reduce the problem of plastic packaging that pollutes our planet.

Water Purifiers

Berkey systems are powerful stand-alone water purifiers that sit on a countertop or stand.