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EasyGreen Mikrofarm

The EasyGreen Mikrofarm is a kit that comes with 3 stackable Easygreen automatic sprouters. For living food passionates only !

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The newest design for starting virtually every sproutable seed. The Easy Green sprouter is the fastest and easiest sprouter to use. Just add seeds and water and watch the machine take over!
  • Grow wheatgrass and sprouts automatically.
  • Unique Automatic Disinfecting cycle.
  • Adjustable for a variety of climate conditions.
  • Harvest daily a variety of exotic, fresh, organic greens at home.


This EasyGreen Mikrofarm kit comes with 3 stackable Easygreen

  • 3 Mist Generator
  • 3 Activation Timer
  • 15 medium trays + 3 large tray (to grow wheat grass)
  • 9 spare air filter
  • 3 Drainage Tube
  • Owner's Manual (CD ROM)


Each one of the 3 Easygreen sprouters in this kit measures 56 x 43 x 20 cm (22 x 17 x 8" )



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