Green Star Pro Commercial

The all-new Green Star Pro Commercial. GS-P501 White & GS-P502 Grey

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With the Greenstar® Pro, you can juice a wider variety of fruits and vegetables – from carrots and apples, to wheatgrass and pine needles, all without having to stop and change any parts! You can also use your Greenstar® Pro Professional Juicer to make other delicious foods, such as, baby foods, breadsticks, nut butters, pâtés, frozen fruit sorbets, and much more!

All Stainless Steel Jumbo Twin Gears

The advanced impeller press system rotates at a low 110 RPM and generates minimal heat while juicing. The Greenstar® Pro also has magnetic and bioceramic technology embedded in the Jumbo Twin Gears that produces fresher juice that can be stored longer, with minimal loss of the precious enzyme and vitamin content in the juice.

Exclusive Magnetic and Bioceramic Technology

The bioceramic material inside the twin gears create a focused magnetic field that rearranges clusters of water so that it can latch on to more of the valuable vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients and extract it into your juice. It utilizes the kinetic energy of the turning gears to emit far-infrared, which delays oxidation and allows your extracted juice to remain fresh, up to 72 hours in the refrigerator.

Versatile Capability

Beside juices, the Greenstar Pro Commercial has the capability to create wonderful recipes, such as nut butters, sorbets, sauces and pâtés with its homogenizing accessories. The twin gears act as a food processor breaking down the produce to create a delicious dessert or snack.

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  • Warranty: 3 years commercial, 15 years household
  • Motor Power: 1/4 HP
  • RPM: 110 rpm
  • Voltage: 120 Volts
  • Weight: 27 lbs. (12.25 kg)
  • Power: 165 Watts
  • Dimensions: 18.6" L x 12.4" W x 6.8" D
  • Color: Grey or White
  • Recipe book: No
  • Made in : South Korea
  • Juicer type: Twin gear

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