• The benefits of flaxseed oil and essential fatty acids
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    Fat has a bad reputation. In fact, not only do we like the taste of fat, but the human body requires certain types of dietary fat.

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  • Crohn's disease
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    Crohn's disease is an inflammatory condition of the digestive tract, the cause of which is unknown. It can be observed at any level of the digestive tract but most often reaches the small end portion, the large intestine (colon) and the anal region.

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  • Why detoxify?
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    There is no doubt that toxins are harmful to health and if you want to maintain good overall health and good digestion you must eliminate them from the body.

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  • Good Intestinal Health
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    Feeling of well-being or lightness, stability of weight, stimulation of intellectual faculties, improvement of inflammatory conditions, health of the skin, prevention of diseases by the elimination of toxins, this is certainly an interesting picture! Know that all these benefits go hand in hand with good intestinal function. 

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