List of products by manufacturer Swiss Bionic Solutions

Swiss Bionic Solutions is the world leader in PEMF systems

As a globally organized company with Swiss origin, we develop and distribute innovative products worldwide in the field of complementary and alternative health solutions and in recent years we have specialized particularly in bionic technologies. Bionics is concerned with deciphering "inventions of active nature" and how to innovatively implement these inventions in modern technologies. Low-energy vibrations within the electromagnetic spectrum of the geomagnetic field and the ionosphere serve as a natural model for the technical implementation. Our product range focuses on integrated wellness for in-home use. Presently we offer two different PEMF technologies for home use: the licensed and medically certified iMRS and the world’s first Android-based wellness system Omnium1 2.0 as well as a range of brand-new options from color, light and sound –research (brain wave entrainment), allowing for a variety of integrated, comprehensive and highly effective wellness applications.